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Is this Human Hair?  Where does the hair come from?

 You really need to do your investigative work when ordering hair. 

1. Our extensions are made with 100% AAA Remy hair. There are different grades of human hair.  Our hair is sourced from India. Our hair is the best grade money can buy. No animal or mixed synthetic hair ever!

2. Our extensions are pre taped and precut. Beware of other websites that make you do this yourself!    

3. Our bonding tapes lasts over 8 weeks with proper application! Medical grade and Made in the USA. 

4. Our extensions are the no heat method.  You do not need heat to apply our tape hair!  This keeps from damaging your hair.

5. We have a great exchange policy if your hair does not match we exchange no questions asked if it is unopened!

6. USA based, so overnight shipping is available on all in stock items.



What is the weight of the hair?  That depends on the length of the hair.  The longer the hair the more the weight. 

16" 40 grams

18" 50 grams

20" 60 grams

22" 70 grams

24" 80 grams


How long do seamless tape hair extensions last?

Our tapes and adhesives are medical grade and are made in the USA!

NO HEAT  Tape In hair extensions last up to 8 weeks and are re-useable for up to 3 re-applications. Seamless hair extensions are pre taped so you don't have to do the work and are made from the highest quality 100% Remy human hair. It requires no additional adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, no braiding, no clips, no chemicals, or messy removal. Easy to apply with no tools required. To reuse the Tape In extensions, you must reapply with the supertape.   

Now any woman can change their length and volume with ease! Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable seamless hair extensions can be applied and removed in a matter of minutes. Transform your look and your attitude with our “Do It Yourself” Tape In Human Hair extensions.

Our “Do It Yourself” Tape In human hair extensions are made with only the best AAA Remy 100% human hair. These Tape In hair extensions create an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of spending your whole day at the salon.

Available in 16 color levels, that can be easily styled as you would your natural hair.
 Now who hasn’t had hair envy when it comes to those South Florida models with their coiffured sun kissed locks or the dark Latin women with hair for miles? Well stop straining and willing your hair to grow because you can now just buy it; so much easier!

What are seamless tape in extensions?

Well they are just what they say really, in place of the usual clip in a hair weft there is a piece of double sided tape, designed to be undetectable when placed on the scalp. Tape In hair extensions can be washed and styled as normal, you can use your regular hair products, and they are designed to be lightweight and are suitable for most hair types. Tape hair extensions are semi permanent and can last up to 3 months dependent on specific circumstance. They are simple to apply and even easier to take out. You can reuse them over and over.

Reusable seamless hair extensions are pre taped and made from high quality Remy cuticle 100% human hair. Our Unique patent pending system requires no adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, braiding, clips, bonding, chemicals or messy removal. Just stick and go! Easy to apply with no tools needed. This system is completely seamless with no bumps. You can wear your hair up or down. Ideal for people with thinning hair and for adding length or volume or simply adding highlights without chemicals.

Top strip is made from a very thin, flat, seamless polyurethane strip with tape. Our hair comes pre taped as adding tape yourself is time consuming and messy. We have done this for you. Our tape comes in pre sectioned 1.5 inch strips for your convenience.

How do I apply Tape In hair extensions?

Sandwich Method (Last about 2 mths)  Need to take out and reapply every 2 months with the sandwich method you take a section of your natural hair and apply one piece of Tape In hair extension below your hair and one piece above it, effectively sandwiching your natural hair between the two pieces. This method is great for adding volume and length. You made wrap the sectioned piece with additional supertape for a longer hold.

How do I take out the Tape In hair extensions? You gently apply the adhesive tape remover that we offer on the website.  You can remove them, let your hair rest, and reapply them with new Supertape strips. 

 Important Instructions to follow when using Tape In extensions!

  1. 1.     Do not wash hair for 3 days after application. Washing your hair before the glue has had time to set may cause the extensions to slip out.
  2. 2.     Do not wash hair in hot water for the first week. Use only tepid or cold water.
  3. 3.     Do not stand under the shower head when washing hair. The beating of the water penetrates the tape and may cause it to slip out!
  4. 4.     We do not recommend swimming in chlorinated water or salt water as the chemicals add to an already processed hair.
  5. 5.     Do not brush hair extensions when wet. Always hold the top of the extensions when brushing your hair.
  6. 6.     Do not apply conditioner or oils directly on tape tab. Only condition the tips of the hair extensions.
  7. 7.     You may style as desired with any curling iron, flat iron, or other heating device. NOTE: Frequent use of high heat devices may cause split ends to develop. Deep conditioning treatments are recommended for use on the tips of the extensions when high heat styling is being frequently used

Tape In Application Instructions:

  1. 1.     Wash your hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo. Do not use any conditioner or conditioning shampoos.
  2. 2.     Dry hair completely before beginning the application process.
  3. 3.     Part your hair in sections beginning at the nape of your neck.
  4. 4.     Separate a 1 ½ inch portion of hair to apply the extension.
  5. 5.     Remove protective covering from the extension strip.
  6. 6.     Apply the first strip beneath the 1 ½ inch sectioned hair facing upwards.
  7. 7.     Press down firmly with your fingers.
  8. 8.     Remove the protective covering from the next extension strip.
  9. 9.     Apply extension directly on top of previous extension and press down firmly with your fingers. (Your natural hair should be between the two extension strips) NOTE: If sectioned strip of your natural hair is too thick, it will cause the extensions to slip during the first wash. You only need a thin layer of hair in between.
  10. 10.   Continue the above steps in a straight line following the natural growth of your hair. Be sure to leave about a ¾ inch wide space between each extension.

 Removal Instructions: 

  1. 1.     Spray extension remover solution directly in between the strips.
  2. 2.     Let sit for 2 minutes
  3. 3.     Gently put apart extensions. Spray additional remover solution if needed while pulling apart the extensions.
  4. 4.     Repeat as needed.

 Re-Application Instructions:

  1. 1.     Wash extensions in warm water to remove residual solution.
  2. 2.     Allow extensions to dry completely before continuing with re-application.
  3. 3.     Carefully remove used tape.
  4. 4.     Apply new tape carefully and repeat application instructions listed above.
  5. 5.     If you have naturally oily hair you may need to use ultra bond glue to secure the tape for an even stronger hold.

 Do not wash hair for 2-3 days after application.

How many packs do I need for a full head of tape or clip in hair extensions?

Tape: You will need 2 packs of tape in hair extensions for a full head of hair. 

Clip:  You will need one pack of the synthetic.  If it is human you usually need one pack but you may need two packs if you want length and thickness.

Can I get a Color Ring?

 There are color charts next to every product.  If you are still confused you can order a color ring off the website.  We do not offer free color rings.  You have to purchase them.  They are made from human hair to give you the most accurate color match.  When choosing a color to match your own hair, choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the ends. Never buy hair the color of your out growth as that is always darker. The blending of your hair from the bottom to the top is most important.

Do you offer custom colors? 

Yes we offer over 30 colors of hair extensions.  Email orders@sobeorganics.com for custom color information.  There is usually a 4 week wait time plus extra custom fees. 

Can I swim in tape or clip in hair extensions?

Just like your own hair that has been colored or processed, you do not want to get chlorine or chemicals in the hair.  If you just had a perm you would not swim in the pool.  If you just had your hair colored you would not swim in the pool.  Therefore, we do not recommend that you swim in the hair extensions. Although it is human hair, it has been colored and treated to give you the perfect look that you desire and you would not want that color to fade or dry out.  If it is absolutely necessary to swim, such as a vacation, we recommend you pull it up into a ponytail.  You will need to put a spray in conditioner on it before you go into the water to protect it from any splashing it may get.  Once you are out of the water, whether it be salt or chlorine, you need to rinse it out immediately. 

What makes your product organic?

We offer a variety of organic removers that are non-toxic, our most popular being the Citrus Oil Remover.  They are made from organic fruits and will not damage your hair or body. 

What lengths of tape extensions do you offer?  We offer 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24”. We go up to 30” in length but this is a custom order.  All custom orders must be emailed to orders@sobeorganics.com.  We offer straight and wavy hair extensions. 

 What makes Tape In hair the most popular method? 

The most important thing when choosing your hair are the processing methods. Here at Sobe Organics only the best raw hair is chosen before it is treated. This is high quality, healthy and strong hair. This produces a higher grade of extension hair that will last longer without tangling or drying.

Remy Cuticle hair is the ultimate luxury in hair. The healthiest hair is handpicked strand by strand. This ensures all cuticles are laying in the same direction. Our cuticle hair is superior quality, soft to the touch, long lasting and tangle free. 

What are the different types of hair extensions? 

Hair extensions are an easy way to add volume or color to your hair. The following methods are some of the most popular ways to apply your hair extensions: Fusion (strand by strand), weaving, braiding, bonding, seamless, clips, micro loop and more. There are many variations to all of these techniques and stylists call these by different names. I will be educating you on the most popular terms. In the past, Extensions were only available for use by salons but now they have become available to the public with easy "Do It Yourself” methods.

Keratin Protein Fusion- The highly recommended Fusion, Strand by Strand, or Pre-Tipped Hair. This is a process done strand by strand in small sections. Using pre protein bonded sticks of hair. The protein sticks are added directly to your own hair. Hair can be bought already cut, and pre tipped with adhesive, a hair pressing tool is used to warm the adhesive and apply it to your hair. Your hair lies over the top for a natural look.  This is a semi-permanent application and last around 3-4 months.

Weaving- This is a process which you create a corn row or track around the head and close to the scalp.  Extension hair is sewn on the tracks. Your own hair lays over the tracks for a natural look.

Clip in hair extensions- Clips have been sewn onto human extensions hair. You may clip these in and out yourself. This is the easiest method for self application.  See the clip in hair application section for more details.

Mini or Micro Links- Small circular links are used. Your own hair is pulled through in small pieces with a tool that looks like a crochet hook then the pre tipped hair is put inside the link and it is squeezed tight. To remove use a simple clamp to open the link. Hair can be reused. Weaves can be done with links. Make a row of links and sew extensions hair to the links. You can also use a link in certain spots that may be lifting to hold it down or make it to your next
appointment. Links are also used to make a circle and sew down a hairpiece or to hold down wigs.

Micro loop- This is a long piece of hair with a loop attached to it.   You pull your own natural hair through the loop attaching the micro loop hair extension to your hair.  You do need a tool for this.  You will be able to clamp and unclamp with your tool.

How do I decide which type of hair extensions I need?

Choose whether you want to apply them yourself or have a professional put them in. First choose the style of hair that you want.  Then
choose the color, then the length. There are 4 methods that can be done by yourself in order of ease: clip, seamless, fusion, and
micro links. This also depends on how skilled you are doing your own hair. You may want help from a friend. All other methods need a
professional or someone who is skilled with this. The most important part of hair extensions is the right hair. By purchasing the hair
yourself, you are in charge of this very important decision and will save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself. 

Can you curl the synthetic clip in hair?  Yes, you can curl it up to 400 degrees.






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